Being stranded on a dessert for months for a TV Show was very hard. I broke nails and  I think I had sunburn. I will miss the colorful cast of SIMVIVOR: Eldobi Desert. Now that show has finished filming I can get back to real life. I had a makeover on the way home because being stuck on that desert made me so icky. I mean, EWW I had sand between my toes for months!


I got home and Bush welcomed me with open arms. He said he can’t wait to see me on TV. I had a very wacky self so I’m sure that I will be well liked on that show. It might even gave me fame! And I’ll use that fame to advertise my theory on how Unicorn poop rainbows! Since I agreed to marry him a week before I left for SIMVIVOR, he threw a bachelor party at our house…


The house sure is very filthy! It almost look like a pigsty! I feel like an alligator is living on the toilet and might eat me in an instant! I started cleaning on the remains on that party. Which reminds me, I haven’t seen Snowy my horse yet but I’m too busy cleaning the house to even notice her. I think she might be training.


I got home from work the next day and I saw Bush outside our house and carrying something white. His face, I could not read it well but he looks dissapointed, sad and drained.

“Creme” He said quietly.

I awaited for his next words. Bad things had happened while I was away on that TV Show.

“Snowy is gone. She got taken away by the social worker.”

    • mojot89
    • April 2nd, 2012

    OH NO!!!

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