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I’ve been winning Horse Racing competitions with Snowy left and right thanks to Bush’s help. Being a Horse racer himself, it is really helpful because Horse Racing is the only way I can get money to live. I got fired from my previous job as a teacher because I encouraged pre-schoolers that there is a boogeyman on their closets.


After training, Bush gave me flowers and asked me if we can have a date. Well, we are kinda dating if we are together right?

We sat on a quiet beach. It was very peaceful and very calm. Above us are stars lighting the dark sky. I saw a shooting star hovering in the night sky. Silently, I made a wish. I really hope it comes true.

“Hey you know what, I’m tired. Maybe we should go home now. Snowy might trash my place If I’m not there to control her” I said.

“Hold on!” Bush said while still sitting on the ground. He tugged my arm and took out something on his pocket.

“What are you doing? I have to go home! My head hurts too and I might pass out any minute!” I said hastily.

“Just one sec okay?”

He opened up a tiny box. Inside, a shiny ring sat sparkling. My eyes widened and my jaw was probably hanging on my neck as I saw it.

“Oh I love it! Who are you giving it from?” I asked.

Bush is still trembling and a little confusion in his face is written all over it.

“Umm, It for you! Will you marry me?”