It has been a few weeks since I dreamt or encountered that strange black unicorn. I am so busy with my work that I had no time to research about Unicorns. I plan to go to the local library this weekend to check any books pertaining to unicorns. Ever since my encounter with the unicorn, I had so much headaches and I feel empty inside. Could be the side effects of the happy pills but I stopped taking them and replaced them tic-tacs. They were so much better!


I took a cab on the way to the local library. I was so eager to find out about Unicorns. On the back of my mind, “Don’t do this Creme! You’ll gonna be obsessesed on finding out about Unicorns and you will be labeled as the town’s lunatic again!”. I squashed that annoying bug that kept telling me that and I said to myself, “You can’t be accomplished if you don’t take any risks.” I stormed in the library and immidietly went on the Computer section and searched the internet about Unicorns.


I typed in on the search engine “Are Unicorns real.” and All I see are crazy articles like “Seabears and Fairytales are real”, “Unicorn, the guide in becoming a Unicorn”. Obviously I won’t get anywhere with these results, so I looked on the Archives of the local newspaper to see of there are any Unicorn sightings in this town. I really shouldn’t jump to conclusions because I keep getting mini heart attacks because I read “Mass Murder in Maywood Lane…. movie arrives” and ” Fire spreaded…. and was prevented on becoming big by local sims”. All this searching for Unicorn related topics is driving me insane.

“Maybe I am Insane. I mean I am talking to myself.” I said to myself aloud.

“You are?! Aww. I thought I made a friend” I heard.


A stranger suddenly talked to me and thought that I was talking to him. But I was talking to myself out loud! How can he thought that I was talking to him. He’s weird. Yet attractive.

“Who are you” I asked.

“My friends call me Bush but my real name is Hopbush Orchid. Don’t make fun of me!” He said. What a cute name. Goes with his cute face.

“Aww. That’s a fine name! Hi Bush! My name is Creme Belle. What are you doing here?” I said.

“Well, I just came here because of the silence. and the free hotdogs that the give out when you leave.” He said.

I tempted in asking me about Unicorns but he might make fun of me. So I gathered up all of my courage and ask him.


“Hey Bush, can I ask you something? Promise me you won’t make fun of me ok?” I said.

“What is it cutie?” He said.

I almost froze and nearly fell of my seat. He called my cutie. How inappropriate! But still it was sweet. I had goosebumps  all over my body and I think I turned red. I was dumbfounded for a second then my brain began to work again.

“Do you know anything about Unicorns?” I asked. My heart was racing. I could potentially be the laughing stock of the town by believing in Unicorns. At this age.

” Unicorns?! Let me guess? You saw a Unicorn on the lake right?” He asked.

I think my heart nearly jumped out of me. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I immidietly pulled myself together.

“Yes! But how did you know? Have you seen one as well?” I asked.

“Of course.” He said.

“Well, would you mind telling me about Unicorns?” I said. I literally wanted to shake him just to know about Unicorns. I am totally obsesses with finding out Unicorns now.

“Well, yeah sure. But not here. Can we go out for Lunch first?” He said. I think he’s asking for a date. As much as I am desperate to find out about Unicorns I agreed to eat Lunch with him.


When we went into the bistro, Bush and I talked for hours. We really had alot in common. He loves Animals too! I completely forgot about asking him about Unicorns.


He gave me a bouquet of flowers which was very sweet. I took the violet filled bouquet and smelled it. When the fragrance reached into my nostril, I was completely smitten.

“We should go out again someday” He told me.

“Sure!” I said hastily. I admit it. I am totally in love with Bush. The Unicorn stuff completely came back when he left.


After Bush left. I was alone with my thoughts about the Unicorn. Why did I forget about it? Then I had my regular headaches after my encounter with the Unicorn. What is happening to me?



    • Kaile *thats my username on thesims3.com*
    • October 29th, 2011

    omg do you see purple babies in the future!!!!!?? EEEEPPPP! <333 and he is soooo cute

  1. Great story so far!

  1. November 11th, 2011

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