It’s already been a week since I moved here in Sunset Valley. I’m doing great at my job. It is stressful but I managed to keep me and Snowy alive. After a busting my butt, I finally got my well deserved raise and a promotion!


After work and my daily training with Snowy, I’ve decided to enter Snowy in a beginner’s racing competition. I was so nervous because it’s my first time to enter such contest and so does Snowy. But I believe that she can pull it off. During the race, I was so proud of Snowy. The audience were cheering for me. It may be the fact that Snowy is a beautiful and fast horse or they are just mocking me because I don’t have a jockey uniform and I haven’t got the time to wear proper clothing and raced with my Work Outfit on. After the race, we landed in 2nd place. Not bad for a newbie right? I was really tired then so we went home.When we went out the building, I saw something rather unusual. Maybe it’s the happy pills that I am taking or it’s real.


I saw a horse. But it’s not an ordinary horse. It has an horn on it’s head sparkles coming out of its body and rainbows shooting out everywhere. Something is very odd about this horse. It doesn’t seem right. It feels ominous somehow. Nonetheless, I never seen a creature so stunning and beautiful! I’ve always wanted to add some color in my dull monotonous life. But in the back of my mind, I keep thinking that is this real? Am I dreaming it? Or probably a side effect of the happy pills I’ve been taking. (Yes, I’m taking happy pills and injecting nerve tonic on my jaw for me to keep smiling).



I crept closer but cautious. I don’t want it to be scared away. But I was thinking. How come that a majestic creature such as this one, could be roaming around this area alone. Could there be more? I thought. The creature saw me and I rubbed its neck and gave it some carrots. I noticed that Snowy was not here anymore. Maybe she got frightened and ran off home. When I looked back I saw the creature whinnying and ominous wind came rushing. Darkness covered the area and I lost all consiousness. I managed to catch a glimpse of a tiny sparkle then I blacked out.



I could’ve sworn I saw something interfering with that creature and I don’t know what. All I know is that the black creature I saw was a Unicorn. I am eager to find out what those are.



I regained consciousness and I was back at my room. I saw Snowy out back eating grass. Could my experience with the unicorn real or was it just a dream? It almost felt so real because I remember it clearly up until I blacked out in the lake.



It was nearly dawn and I need to prepare myself for work. I looked at the 2nd place trophy that I got last night then rushed off for work.


Was Creme’s experience real or not? Will she find out more about the creature she encountered called the unicorn? Stay tuned for the next chapter.








    • Kaile *thats my username on thesims3.com*
    • October 28th, 2011

    omg its a unicorn! why was it black? haha! loved it!

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