Hello. My name is Creme Belle. I recently moved in here from Twinbrook. All the sims there drove me away because they thought that I’m a freak. With all my snow white skin and white hair and all, they tend to be uncomfortable when I am around. I love animals, I used to have a cat but she remained with my cousin’s house back in Twinbrook. My cousin said that I should not own any animals and should not be in any activities with them because of my mental situation. So she also thinks that I’m insane. That’s so sad. I came to Sunset Valley to make a clean slate.


This is my horse, Snowy. I recently found her in Twinbrook. I secretly took care of her in our basement until she was an adult horse. I was suppose to release her in the wild but I got to attached to her. Now she is with me in Sunset Valley.


The house I bought nearly took all my simoleons away because it costs too much. Not to mention taking care on a full grown horse Snowy. The house was quite dull. All furniture was colored White. White is my favorite color though but that’s enough I can take. I need a rainbow in my life.

The first thing that came into my mind upon moving was get a great fullfilling job. I immedietly got the fresh new newspaper sitting outside the door and went looking for a job. There were a lot of jobs offered like, Fashionista, Librarian, Teacher and etc. I love kids so I decided to go with being a School Teacher. It’s a great job and also fullfilling. I hope the kids don’t think that I’m crazy though because I’m not.


I couldn’t afford a taxi on the way to my interview at the Sunset Valley Public School so I rode on Snowy. I’m scared stiff at riding Snowy because It’s my first time to ride a horse in my entire life. Heck, I’m afraid of a carousel when I was a kid. This is extreme. It’s a good thing that Snowy knows how I feel so she decided to walk slowly until I’m used to it. Sims passing by were looking at me like a witch. I think it’s the first time they saw a sim riding a horse in a suburban area. Either way, I’m here to start a clean slate so I don’t want others to think that I’m crazy. I simply waved at them, gave them a smile whie they gave me a rather uneasy look.


On the way to the School, I stopped by at an Ice Cream truck. Even though I’m broke I still have a few simoleons to spare for a treat. The Ice Cream was very colorful. I wish that my life would be like that. Has meaning. Colorful.


I arrived at the school. Surprisingly no one was there.Maybe it was a holiday or something? But the staff were there so I quickly entered to get my interview done and to start the job as a Middle School Teacher. I sure hope there’s no question there like ” Have you been to a mental institute?” Seriously, I have been there once. When my cousins took me there because I attended their wedding with my bathing suit on. I don’t know what’s wrong with that.


Later that day, We stumbled upon a training area on the way home for Horse Jumping and Horse Racing. Snowy immidietly ran the course without leaving me. So I made him stop and rode on him. No one was around so I won’t get publicly humiliated when I fall. We practiced for a few hours and I can see that Snowy got all excited. Tired, we went back to our house to get a good night’s rest.



I got back home tired and smelly from the sweat of training with Snowy. I quickly took a refreshing hot shower then jumped on my bed. I fell asleep thinking about Snowy and maybe entering her in a horse competition.Then I dreamt something but it was so fuzzy. I think it was Snowy. But the horse was very diffirent. What could it be?



    • Kaile *thats my username on thesims3.com*
    • October 28th, 2011

    awwwww the horse is just like her thats so cute! i liked it and love how its a short and easy read… I loved how you said “I need a rainbow in my life”

    • Kayla
    • October 30th, 2011

    Love the horse wish I had pets
    Love the story so far to.

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