Being stranded on a dessert for months for a TV Show was very hard. I broke nails and  I think I had sunburn. I will miss the colorful cast of SIMVIVOR: Eldobi Desert. Now that show has finished filming I can get back to real life. I had a makeover on the way home because being stuck on that desert made me so icky. I mean, EWW I had sand between my toes for months!


I got home and Bush welcomed me with open arms. He said he can’t wait to see me on TV. I had a very wacky self so I’m sure that I will be well liked on that show. It might even gave me fame! And I’ll use that fame to advertise my theory on how Unicorn poop rainbows! Since I agreed to marry him a week before I left for SIMVIVOR, he threw a bachelor party at our house…


The house sure is very filthy! It almost look like a pigsty! I feel like an alligator is living on the toilet and might eat me in an instant! I started cleaning on the remains on that party. Which reminds me, I haven’t seen Snowy my horse yet but I’m too busy cleaning the house to even notice her. I think she might be training.


I got home from work the next day and I saw Bush outside our house and carrying something white. His face, I could not read it well but he looks dissapointed, sad and drained.

“Creme” He said quietly.

I awaited for his next words. Bad things had happened while I was away on that TV Show.

“Snowy is gone. She got taken away by the social worker.”



I’ve been winning Horse Racing competitions with Snowy left and right thanks to Bush’s help. Being a Horse racer himself, it is really helpful because Horse Racing is the only way I can get money to live. I got fired from my previous job as a teacher because I encouraged pre-schoolers that there is a boogeyman on their closets.


After training, Bush gave me flowers and asked me if we can have a date. Well, we are kinda dating if we are together right?

We sat on a quiet beach. It was very peaceful and very calm. Above us are stars lighting the dark sky. I saw a shooting star hovering in the night sky. Silently, I made a wish. I really hope it comes true.

“Hey you know what, I’m tired. Maybe we should go home now. Snowy might trash my place If I’m not there to control her” I said.

“Hold on!” Bush said while still sitting on the ground. He tugged my arm and took out something on his pocket.

“What are you doing? I have to go home! My head hurts too and I might pass out any minute!” I said hastily.

“Just one sec okay?”

He opened up a tiny box. Inside, a shiny ring sat sparkling. My eyes widened and my jaw was probably hanging on my neck as I saw it.

“Oh I love it! Who are you giving it from?” I asked.

Bush is still trembling and a little confusion in his face is written all over it.

“Umm, It for you! Will you marry me?”


 It has been a few weeks since I dreamt or encountered that strange black unicorn. I am so busy with my work that I had no time to research about Unicorns. I plan to go to the local library this weekend to check any books pertaining to unicorns. Ever since my encounter with the unicorn, I had so much headaches and I feel empty inside. Could be the side effects of the happy pills but I stopped taking them and replaced them tic-tacs. They were so much better!


I took a cab on the way to the local library. I was so eager to find out about Unicorns. On the back of my mind, “Don’t do this Creme! You’ll gonna be obsessesed on finding out about Unicorns and you will be labeled as the town’s lunatic again!”. I squashed that annoying bug that kept telling me that and I said to myself, “You can’t be accomplished if you don’t take any risks.” I stormed in the library and immidietly went on the Computer section and searched the internet about Unicorns.


I typed in on the search engine “Are Unicorns real.” and All I see are crazy articles like “Seabears and Fairytales are real”, “Unicorn, the guide in becoming a Unicorn”. Obviously I won’t get anywhere with these results, so I looked on the Archives of the local newspaper to see of there are any Unicorn sightings in this town. I really shouldn’t jump to conclusions because I keep getting mini heart attacks because I read “Mass Murder in Maywood Lane…. movie arrives” and ” Fire spreaded…. and was prevented on becoming big by local sims”. All this searching for Unicorn related topics is driving me insane.

“Maybe I am Insane. I mean I am talking to myself.” I said to myself aloud.

“You are?! Aww. I thought I made a friend” I heard.


A stranger suddenly talked to me and thought that I was talking to him. But I was talking to myself out loud! How can he thought that I was talking to him. He’s weird. Yet attractive.

“Who are you” I asked.

“My friends call me Bush but my real name is Hopbush Orchid. Don’t make fun of me!” He said. What a cute name. Goes with his cute face.

“Aww. That’s a fine name! Hi Bush! My name is Creme Belle. What are you doing here?” I said.

“Well, I just came here because of the silence. and the free hotdogs that the give out when you leave.” He said.

I tempted in asking me about Unicorns but he might make fun of me. So I gathered up all of my courage and ask him.


“Hey Bush, can I ask you something? Promise me you won’t make fun of me ok?” I said.

“What is it cutie?” He said.

I almost froze and nearly fell of my seat. He called my cutie. How inappropriate! But still it was sweet. I had goosebumps  all over my body and I think I turned red. I was dumbfounded for a second then my brain began to work again.

“Do you know anything about Unicorns?” I asked. My heart was racing. I could potentially be the laughing stock of the town by believing in Unicorns. At this age.

” Unicorns?! Let me guess? You saw a Unicorn on the lake right?” He asked.

I think my heart nearly jumped out of me. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I immidietly pulled myself together.

“Yes! But how did you know? Have you seen one as well?” I asked.

“Of course.” He said.

“Well, would you mind telling me about Unicorns?” I said. I literally wanted to shake him just to know about Unicorns. I am totally obsesses with finding out Unicorns now.

“Well, yeah sure. But not here. Can we go out for Lunch first?” He said. I think he’s asking for a date. As much as I am desperate to find out about Unicorns I agreed to eat Lunch with him.


When we went into the bistro, Bush and I talked for hours. We really had alot in common. He loves Animals too! I completely forgot about asking him about Unicorns.


He gave me a bouquet of flowers which was very sweet. I took the violet filled bouquet and smelled it. When the fragrance reached into my nostril, I was completely smitten.

“We should go out again someday” He told me.

“Sure!” I said hastily. I admit it. I am totally in love with Bush. The Unicorn stuff completely came back when he left.


After Bush left. I was alone with my thoughts about the Unicorn. Why did I forget about it? Then I had my regular headaches after my encounter with the Unicorn. What is happening to me?




                                                                                 It’s already been a week since I moved here in Sunset Valley. I’m doing great at my job. It is stressful but I managed to keep me and Snowy alive. After a busting my butt, I finally got my well deserved raise and a promotion!


After work and my daily training with Snowy, I’ve decided to enter Snowy in a beginner’s racing competition. I was so nervous because it’s my first time to enter such contest and so does Snowy. But I believe that she can pull it off. During the race, I was so proud of Snowy. The audience were cheering for me. It may be the fact that Snowy is a beautiful and fast horse or they are just mocking me because I don’t have a jockey uniform and I haven’t got the time to wear proper clothing and raced with my Work Outfit on. After the race, we landed in 2nd place. Not bad for a newbie right? I was really tired then so we went home.When we went out the building, I saw something rather unusual. Maybe it’s the happy pills that I am taking or it’s real.


I saw a horse. But it’s not an ordinary horse. It has an horn on it’s head sparkles coming out of its body and rainbows shooting out everywhere. Something is very odd about this horse. It doesn’t seem right. It feels ominous somehow. Nonetheless, I never seen a creature so stunning and beautiful! I’ve always wanted to add some color in my dull monotonous life. But in the back of my mind, I keep thinking that is this real? Am I dreaming it? Or probably a side effect of the happy pills I’ve been taking. (Yes, I’m taking happy pills and injecting nerve tonic on my jaw for me to keep smiling).



I crept closer but cautious. I don’t want it to be scared away. But I was thinking. How come that a majestic creature such as this one, could be roaming around this area alone. Could there be more? I thought. The creature saw me and I rubbed its neck and gave it some carrots. I noticed that Snowy was not here anymore. Maybe she got frightened and ran off home. When I looked back I saw the creature whinnying and ominous wind came rushing. Darkness covered the area and I lost all consiousness. I managed to catch a glimpse of a tiny sparkle then I blacked out.



I could’ve sworn I saw something interfering with that creature and I don’t know what. All I know is that the black creature I saw was a Unicorn. I am eager to find out what those are.



I regained consciousness and I was back at my room. I saw Snowy out back eating grass. Could my experience with the unicorn real or was it just a dream? It almost felt so real because I remember it clearly up until I blacked out in the lake.



It was nearly dawn and I need to prepare myself for work. I looked at the 2nd place trophy that I got last night then rushed off for work.


Was Creme’s experience real or not? Will she find out more about the creature she encountered called the unicorn? Stay tuned for the next chapter.









        Hello. My name is Creme Belle. I recently moved in here from Twinbrook. All the sims there drove me away because they thought that I’m a freak. With all my snow white skin and white hair and all, they tend to be uncomfortable when I am around. I love animals, I used to have a cat but she remained with my cousin’s house back in Twinbrook. My cousin said that I should not own any animals and should not be in any activities with them because of my mental situation. So she also thinks that I’m insane. That’s so sad. I came to Sunset Valley to make a clean slate.


This is my horse, Snowy. I recently found her in Twinbrook. I secretly took care of her in our basement until she was an adult horse. I was suppose to release her in the wild but I got to attached to her. Now she is with me in Sunset Valley.


The house I bought nearly took all my simoleons away because it costs too much. Not to mention taking care on a full grown horse Snowy. The house was quite dull. All furniture was colored White. White is my favorite color though but that’s enough I can take. I need a rainbow in my life.

The first thing that came into my mind upon moving was get a great fullfilling job. I immedietly got the fresh new newspaper sitting outside the door and went looking for a job. There were a lot of jobs offered like, Fashionista, Librarian, Teacher and etc. I love kids so I decided to go with being a School Teacher. It’s a great job and also fullfilling. I hope the kids don’t think that I’m crazy though because I’m not.


I couldn’t afford a taxi on the way to my interview at the Sunset Valley Public School so I rode on Snowy. I’m scared stiff at riding Snowy because It’s my first time to ride a horse in my entire life. Heck, I’m afraid of a carousel when I was a kid. This is extreme. It’s a good thing that Snowy knows how I feel so she decided to walk slowly until I’m used to it. Sims passing by were looking at me like a witch. I think it’s the first time they saw a sim riding a horse in a suburban area. Either way, I’m here to start a clean slate so I don’t want others to think that I’m crazy. I simply waved at them, gave them a smile whie they gave me a rather uneasy look.


On the way to the School, I stopped by at an Ice Cream truck. Even though I’m broke I still have a few simoleons to spare for a treat. The Ice Cream was very colorful. I wish that my life would be like that. Has meaning. Colorful.


I arrived at the school. Surprisingly no one was there.Maybe it was a holiday or something? But the staff were there so I quickly entered to get my interview done and to start the job as a Middle School Teacher. I sure hope there’s no question there like ” Have you been to a mental institute?” Seriously, I have been there once. When my cousins took me there because I attended their wedding with my bathing suit on. I don’t know what’s wrong with that.


Later that day, We stumbled upon a training area on the way home for Horse Jumping and Horse Racing. Snowy immidietly ran the course without leaving me. So I made him stop and rode on him. No one was around so I won’t get publicly humiliated when I fall. We practiced for a few hours and I can see that Snowy got all excited. Tired, we went back to our house to get a good night’s rest.



I got back home tired and smelly from the sweat of training with Snowy. I quickly took a refreshing hot shower then jumped on my bed. I fell asleep thinking about Snowy and maybe entering her in a horse competition.Then I dreamt something but it was so fuzzy. I think it was Snowy. But the horse was very diffirent. What could it be?



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